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SE Ranking: how to find errors on the site before they affect your position in the search

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If you have ever engaged in the promotion of the site, you know how important it is to conduct regular technical audit. This helps to prevent the collapse of search positions or quickly react to such a collapse.

I dedicated a series of posts on finding errors on your site, and how to fix them. But today I want to tell you about the tool that does site audit for you and on schedule. We are talking about the Analysis of the site from SE Ranking 💬.

SE Ranking
SE Ranking

For test I took – a popular blog about SEO and Digital Marketing. This tool I tested in the preparation of an overview of the platform. But the guys released a global update of the module, now it looks more beautiful and works faster, and there are more opportunities in it.

Let’s go through the work of the tool in detail:

Analysis is really fast

To check more than 5000 pages of my site took about 10 min. This is a great result for the cloud service, which, in addition, there is a whole group of other instruments. And the report itself is deep and detailed.

The updated design made the tool even more convenient and pleasant to work with

In the main panel, you can immediately see the overall status of the site. The overall rating is affected by the smallest errors, so do not immediately shy away if you do not have 100 or even 80.

SE Ranking

But most importantly, the report itself has become more convenient. It appeared navigation sections, and now all the most necessary information can be found in two clicks, without flipping through the canvas with the data back and forth.

Already in the menu you can see which sections have the most comments. You can go directly to these blocks, and the link next to each item with an error to see a list of URL’s, to which it applies.

Analysis website
Analysis website

Also in the service there is a useful tool. You can quickly create a Sitemap 💬 (The button are located below the screenshot).

Create Sitemap.xml

And then came in handy cool thing-XML-map in one action (in two, if you want to configure everything).

To do this, just go to the main panel, click on the button (on the screenshot above) and select the desired settings.

Detailed report on all sections of technical SEO

The analysis includes 8 aspects of checking for 70 + parameters: usability evaluation, links, content, images, meta tags, General technical condition – all sorts of nuances that the search bot takes into account.

Beginners will find it useful to explain the different points of the test: what and how to fix it. For example, information on which pages are too massive images and by what percentage they should be reduced according to PageSpeed Insights (and so on for each item). Not available in the screenshot shown (sorry).

Image analysis
Image analysis

A separate screen for working with scanned pages is available

Finally, the module has the ability to work with a list of scanned pages. Get your hands on information for each check item, and metrics.

Crawled pages
Crawled pages

You can remove unnecessary metrics from the table or filter them by any of them.

For example, if you want to find pages with duplicates, with a large number of external links, redirects, different content parameters such as the amount of text or the length of the headings-they can be found in two clicks.

Remove the columns with those metrics that you do not need. Thus, the table will become more compact and informative.

Selected metrics
Selected metrics

Bot works clearly according to the rules of the user

If the filling of the audit-check parameters-have not changed, then the principle of the bot has changed radically. Now it is fully customizable.

You can configure the volume of scanning (which pages of the site are covered by the analysis), the work of the analyzer (how and what it checks) and the format of the results (the regularity of the report, its completeness, appearance).

The user independently determines how deep the bot will go.

Available option:

  1. Connect to subdomain analysis;
  2. Open bot access to pages closed in robots.txt, or forbid him to scan URLs with a specific parameter (for example, when A/B tests);
  3. Open access to private domains (you will need to give a login and password);
  4. Upload your list of URLs for verification.

All this can be defined in the page source settings for scanning, validation rules and parser settings:


You can also manually set the number of times the analyzer accesses the server. In fact, if it is important for the user not to overload the server, and the audit results are ready to wait longer, you can reduce the number of calls to the server per second in the “Limits and restrictions”section.

Finally, in the most controversial analysis parameters, the user can change the allowed values. For example, the default tool will consider a title greater than 70 characters to be an error. You can manually set the range of values by meta tags, H-tags, number of redirects and links from the page. The latter is especially important for aggregator sites or even blogs with review articles on different products.

Now that we have figured out how to adjust the scope and depth of the analysis, as well as the accounting of errors, go to the report.

Full branded audit report flies to customers on schedule

I must say that I call the report and the overall results of the analysis available in the tool. And a PDF file in the form of which it can be exported.

So as for the results of the analysis, you can set a schedule of automatic checks: once a week or a month. This can be done both in the “Settings” -> “Schedule”, and using the “Run scan again” button on the main panel.

Scanning frequency
Scanning frequency

Other basic settings are also available here. As for the PDF report, you can even add your company logo to it, if you need it .

In the case of White Label, you can personalize the whole system so that both General reports and reports by sections (for example, by positions or backlinks) do not give out the source – SE Ranking – but are signed with the name and decorated with your company logo.

Lifehack for those who want to automatically send a report to several emails

If you want to receive a fresh report on the site audit weekly not only to your e-mail, but also to the e-mails of your colleagues, you need to follow this route:

Reports ➝ Auto ➝ +Create report

You will see the window:

Reports in SE Ranking
Reports in SE Ranking

In the settings of the report include those sections that you want to show to colleagues and enter email addresses. Free you can specify no more than 5.

Back to the main screen of the module “Reports“. Click “Settings“, enter the name of your company and add the logo.

White label for reports
White label for reports

That’s all. Now your audit report will go to the addresses you specified in the settings every week.


The new version of the site Analysis from SE Ranking was a success.

First, your participation is minimal – just add a website to check and get a report on all important technical parameters. The first report on the site comes in the mail immediately after the creation of the project.

Secondly, you do not need to check with checklists and tick off the corrected errors – the tool will do everything for you.

Thirdly, everything can be configured: from when to conduct checks and to whom to send reports, to where to let the bot and what to consider an error. It’s cool that the analyzer can check absolutely all pages of the site if the user needs it.

Fourth, after checking, you can view a page-by report – a list of scanned pages, links and images. Those who have worked with different auditors know how rare but important this function is.

Finally, the module is nice to work with. He rather smartly conducts the analysis, and the report is submitted in an understandable convenient form with simple navigation.
Beginners will especially come in handy that some errors are tips on how to fix them.

Of the incorrect operation of the band – state analysis- it can all wait time show 10-12% and then jump to 98. Plus, I would like to be able to brand audit reports directly in this module. No need to switch to other tools.

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